Five tips for managing stress

In today’s world, stressors are literally everywhere, from your emails to your bills and relationships. We can not avoid stress, but we can always choose how to react. Stress management may be the most important tool you may need to master if you want to avoid serious physical and psychological problems and live a long and happy life.

This article will find out five tools to manage stress and add some zen to your life!

Let’s get started

1. Meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps you develop your capacity to stay present in a difficult situation, which means less in your head and more in the here and now when life is actually taking place.

Meditation is like a gym for the mind, and the gains come with time and persistence, not overnight. For example, five minutes of meditation can make a difference because the more you meditate, the faster you will catch yourself before you are about to say or do something stupid. In other words, meditation helps us to take a step back before we fu%k up.

There are many meditations apps out there, and many of them are for free! The key is to stick with it and sit with the discomfort every day until one day becomes part of your morning or evening routine.

2. Move your body

When you are under stress, that energy gets stuck inside your body and eventually accumulates. So it is crucial to move that energy and let it go, move! Dance, walk, run, swim or go to the gym; it doesn’t matter how you move; MOVE because that energy is bad news and can make you sick over time.

When you move, you change your physiology which helps you to clear your head and thoughts. Of course, it is not always possible to leave a meeting and go for a walk, but you can definitely find the time after work!

3. Embrace the chaos

Your brain likes to be in autopilot mode, where all is safe. This makes sense since your brain’s job is to keep you out of danger and protect you from the new things that scream danger. That is why when you are about to do something new or risky that is not life-threatening, you still feel all the symptoms of being chased by a tiger. This is because your brain does not know the difference between real danger and psychological danger.

We all know that magic happens out of the comfort zone, right? Remember that your head often plays tricks on you, and sometimes that stress is an opportunity for your own personal growth, so keep moving forward!

4. All is temporary

When we are upset or under any stressful situation, we tend to forget the meaning of time. We often waste our energy on something that will have no value in a week from now.

Remember that you are not your feelings and that both positive and negative emotions will come and go, and both are of great value for our everyday lives. So when stress knocks on your door, and it will for sure, just remember that this will also pass.

5. Doubt your thoughts

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” — Seneca

Most of our stress is created by our own thoughts. We tend to overthink situations, and we get trapped in the endless “what if’s” scenarios sometimes for days. Letting go of what you can not control is the best anti-stress technique but also the most difficult.

Don’t make assumptions, be aware that thoughts are ONLY in your head, and when you do that, you can finally see things as they are without adding a story.

One amazing book that helped me improve and rethink how I was reacting to stress and life; Is the book “The four agreements” by the author Don Miguel Ruiz.

Bottom line:

We cannot avoid stress, we can not change the modern world and the stressor around us, but we can adapt and learn techniques that will help us react better to stress. So tune in to your body, learn meditation, move more and embrace the chaos of life! Get out of your head and see things as they are. It might seem difficult but not impossible.

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