About Me

I struggled with mental health issues for most of my life. I had an eating disorder and suffered from anxiety for many years. I was obsessed with exercising and dieting. Yet, no matter how long I trained or how little I ate, I always felt empty and not good enough. I treated my body like garbage by overeating or not eating at all, overtraining, and ignoring any signals my body gave me. Food was my way of coping with my problems and uncomfortable emotions; Food helped me fill the void inside me and gain a sense of control for a very long time.

Until I collapsed and lost my health.

I had two burnouts that forced me to rest and take time off from training and working. I felt trapped, and for the very first time, I couldn’t cope with my feelings like I used to. However, as soon as I recovered my physical strength, the coping cycle started again. Until one day, my eating disorder landed me in the hospital. The reality I saw inside the hospital was terrifying; I never imagined seeing so many young people disconnected from reality. This was my wake-up call; this was the first moment I felt the urge to fight for my life like I never did before.


My frustration with the mental health treatment

Unfortunately, the hospital’s treatment was far from being enough. Yes, I did get therapy and medication, but that was everything I got. Nobody told me how much lifestyle changes, natural supplementation, embodiment exercises, meditation, and movement could do for my mental health. I was lucky to find a holistic practitioner that changed my life and supported me with tools to change my Mind-Diet!

But how many young people are stuck with medication without not knowing the many free tools they can implement to improve their mental and physical health? Unfortunately, too many. I have always had a strong desire to help others. Still, it was only after making peace with my issues that I truly understood the difference that holistic health can make in someone’s life. I noticed profound changes in my mood, motivation and energy when choosing the nutrition my body and mind were cravings for such a long time.


The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your thoughts.

Sol Sereno

The healing journey

Nutrition was the first step but only one part of my healing journey. The most challenging and longest part of my healing journey was changing my Mind-Diet. It’s easier to identify the junk food we put in our bodies than the junk food we put in our heads and soul. But the truth is that we cannot achieve a genuine and profound change without addressing this part of our diet. Our mind fuel is the key to changing our habits, mindset and beliefs.

Today I am blessed to have a healthy and beautiful life, and my mission is to help others achieve the same; no matter where you are in your journey, I will meet you there!