5 Tips to transform your home office desk into a stress-free zone

Whether you work full-time or part-time, you’ve spent more time than ever working from home. And who can blame you? It’s convenient to skip the morning traffic and work in your comfiest clothing. However, working from home also means that the clutter and distractions around us can easily affect our ability to concentrate on work and affect our emotional state throughout the day.

Although some things we cannot control while working at home, we can influence the atmosphere in which we work, which can make a big difference in our concentration and mood during the day. With some love and dedication, you can create a workspace that supports your work, physical and emotional needs, allowing you to thrive and enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Let’s get started! Here are my top 5 tips to transform your workplace.

1) Stay organize

This is the first step to achieving focus and concentration. However, if the surrounding environment is chaotic, this will sooner or later affect your work and add to your stress. Once the clutter starts to build up, it becomes more and more challenging to manage, which is why cleaning your workplace at the end of each day is vital. How to start?

– Invest in bins for quick cleaning and set aside a container for a mug or glass and one for everything else that doesn’t need to be dealt with immediately.

-Create the habit of emptying these containers once you have time to breathe or on your way to the toilet. The important thing is to avoid making your office look like a supermarket.

-Create a system of folders with clear names or colours to make it easy to find them; visual order leads to mental order.

-Keep a vacuum and cleaning products in your office so that when you see it getting messy, you can fix it quickly without leaving the room.

2) Schedule breaks

Working at home without people around or breaks arranged with other colleagues can often lead us to forget to drink water, eat or stop and stretch a bit between calls. Also, the lack of structure can often lead to distractions that rob us of time we could be using to relax during the workday.

It is, therefore, essential to have a daily routine with times to eat, walk with the dog or even meditate for five or ten minutes. This is easy to say but very difficult to do. I agree with you, especially because we grew up in a culture that celebrates overworking, criticizes resting and sees self-care as something for weak people. Still, your brain needs breaks to be more productive and effective!

-Start your day with exercise. Even if it is a walk outside, you don’t need to go to the gym or run 10km. Stretching, walking, dancing, and core exercises at home improve your mental health, so move.

-Take short breaks and move between meetings, even if it is 5 minutes every hour, and stretch your arms and legs.

-Plan your lunch, add it to your working and personal calendar, and please don’t eat in the office; go to another room.

Remember that just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t end your day just like everybody else in the working world. Lastly, I invite you to incorporate a new mantra.

“… If something can wait until the next work morning, let it wait…”

3) Yes, to the green and personal touch

Adding plants, wood, and stones can help us feel grounded, reduce anxiety and feel present. Also, when you bring plants into your office, you improve indoor air quality, which can help you relax. Make your office a pleasant place, and include art, decor or photos of loved ones to make you smile.

Here is a list of some of the best plants to clean the air in your office:

Aloe vera, Queen Fern, Rubber Tree, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Philodendron Heart-leaf, Peace Lily and Spider Plant.

4) In the name of your health, go ergonomic

To enjoy your time working, you must ensure you are comfortable. It starts with your chair and your desk. When investing in your new chair, ensure you can sit with your thighs parallel to the floor and your feet on the floor. I like to work standing, so I strongly recommend getting one standing desk if possible because you will experience less back pain and fatigue.

As a tip, test the desk and the chair before getting one; check if your legs can fit comfortably with your feet on the ground. Also, be aware of how your back and neck feel.

5) Be aware of light

Office lighting directly affects your energy levels, mood and focus. Natural lighting helps boost health, happiness and productivity. Don’t overlook the benefit of natural light from a window or another portal. Sunlight can produce warm lighting that improves the work environment.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a wide window. If this is you, I recommend more than ever that you incorporate a short walk before starting work and, when possible, eat your breakfast and lunch near a window. Also, when choosing fluorescent lights, choose something soft and calming to create a peaceful environment that benefits your eyesight, mood and energy level.

I hope this article was insightful! Did I forget something, or is there anything you would like to share? Let’s chat about it over social media.